What is Instagram?


With millions of daily users, billions of posted photos and the backing of countless celebrities, Instagram has become much more than a simple photo-sharing app; but what exactly is this trendy thing the cool kids use called Instagram?

Instagram is simply a social media application made for sharing photos and videos from a mobile service. Users have a profile and feed, with which they can follow other users to view their profile feeds, as well as populating their own feed with content.

While popular face of Instagram has it as the darling of the celebrity world, there have been many circumstances where live footage and photos have shown dramatic events unfold. Acts of terror, earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides, floods, tsunami and other such incidents have been captured by those present and posted for the world to view, experience and comment upon.


It’s estimated that there is over 95,000,000 minutes of video currently available on Instagram. This means that if you were to sit down and watch each and every video, you would have to set aside a spare 180.6 years to get through what’s there now. Bear in mind, during your 180 years of watching cats flush toilets and such, another few thousand years’ worth of content will have been uploaded.

Photos smuggled from places in the world where photography is banned or from the front line of a war have found their way on to Instagram and told the stories of those involved to the wider world. On the flip side, those users who are fans of bands, celebrities and other personalities can easily keep up to date with what their favourite person is getting up to buy following what they share online.

Of course, it’s not all doom and gloom, celebrities and politics. Instagram has quickly a voice for people who have something to share. Those people who aren’t rich or famous, yet are skilled in what they do can share their work, tips, challenges and experience of millions. Instagram can therefore be a tool to help inspire others, build your business or to just show everyone what’s going on in your amazing corner of the world.

There’s a lot that can be gained from Instagram and while there are elements within it that most folk probably don’t want to view (as with any other social media platform), focusing on what you want from the app is easy to achieve. Instagram can help you connect to people who you didn’t even know existed, experience places you’ve never heard of and learn something new about another culture.

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