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Unit 1: Classification of living things – Exercises

Classification of living things

Question 1. Answer the following questions. a) Why is the classification of living things necessary? Biologists divide living things into different groups. This is called classification. Dividing living things into groups helps us to understand how all the different living things in the world fit into a pattern. b) How many different kinds of animals and plants have biologists discovered ...

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Micro means small and organisms means living things. Micro-organisms are those organisms that are so small and they cannot be seen with naked eye. in order to observe them, we need a light microscope or an electron microscope. Micro-organisms form a diverse group which includes different kinds of organisms, viruses, bacteria, unicellular plants, certain algae and some fungi. Micro-organisms differ ...

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Classification (درجہ بندی) of Living Organisms

Class Of Living Organisms

Organism: (noun) An organized being; a living body, either vegetable or animal, composed of different organs or parts with functions which are separate, but mutually dependent, and essential to the life of the individual. Classification Thousands of living organisms are found in this world. Some of the living organisms are large in size and some are small. Among these living ...

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