Smart step-by-step guides to mastering your Whatsapp account

Whatsapp is huge. Since its release in February 2009, it is grown to become the world’s most popular messaging application. It has over two billion users worldwide, in over 180 countries.

It is also free. You can use it to send text, audio and video messages, make calls and even create groups. The data is sent over your regular internet connection, so there are no call charges. Furthermore, it is available on iPhone, Android, Windows and macOS, so whatever platform your friends and family use, there is bound to be a Whatsapp for them.

Let’s delve into the world of Whatsapp and take a look at what this amazing application can offer.

Introduction and History

Whatsapp didn’t become the world’s biggest communication platform overnight, and nor did it grow so popular without giving people what they want. A success such as this is bound to have a story behind it, and this is what we look at here.

What can the app do for you, and how did it grow from nothing into the Meta-owned giant that it is today? Let’s take an in-depth look at Whatsapp, its capabilities and its history.

Getting Started, Installation and Basic Use

If you want to get to grips with WhatsApp, you must first install the app. Here we show you how to do so, on the iPhone, on Android phones and on Windows and Mac computer platforms.

When you’ve installed the app, you need to set up your WhatsApp profile and add some contacts with whom you wish to communicate. When you’re ready, it’s time to send your first message, followed by your first picture message and voice and video calls. We show you how.

  • Installing WhatsApp on Android
  • Installing WhatsApp on an iPhone
  • Installing WhatsApp on a PC
  • Installing WhatsApp on a Mac
  • WhatsApp on Android
  • WhatsApp on iOS
  • WhatsApp on the Desktop
  • Setting Up Your Profile
  • How to Add Friends and Contacts
  • Sending Your First Message
  • How to Send Images Over WhatsApp
  • How to Make Voice and Video Calls