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Classification (درجہ بندی) of Living Organisms


(noun) An organized being; a living body, either vegetable or animal, composed of different organs or parts with functions which are separate, but mutually dependent, and essential to the life of the individual.

Class Of Living Organisms

Thousands of living organisms are found in this world. Some of the living organisms are large in size and some are small. Among these living organisms, some resemble to each other in shape and form and many are distinctly different from one another. Due to such similarities and differences, living organisms are arranged in different groups. This grouping is called classification.

According to the classification, organisms are placed into different units and these units are given technical names. The basic unit of classification is species.

A group of closely resembling organisms that can interbreed in nature but are not able to sexually reproduce with individuals of other species.

Example: cat and rabbit are two species. All cats belong to one species and all rabbits belong to another species.

To study the living organisms, it is necessary to classify them into different groups. On the basis of classification, it is easy to study the organisms.  Classification gives us interrelationship among the living organisms as very closely resembling individuals are placed in the same group and distinctly different individuals are grouped in different groups. In this way, organisms are identified on the basis of their structures and characteristics. So we can study the living organisms systematically and logically.

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