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IGCSE: Physics (0625)

Questions/Answers from Past Papers Q u e s t i o n A digital stop-clock measures time in minutes and seconds.The stop-clock reads 00:50 when it is started (i.e. 00 minutes 50 seconds).It reads 02:10 when it is stopped.What is the shortest possible time that has elapsed between starting and stopping the stop-clock? A   1 minute 20 secondsB   ...

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Unit 1: Classification of living things – Exercises

Classification of living things

Question 1. Answer the following questions. a) Why is the classification of living things necessary? Biologists divide living things into different groups. This is called classification. Dividing living things into groups helps us to understand how all the different living things in the world fit into a pattern. b) How many different kinds of animals and plants have biologists discovered ...

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