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Exercise 1.1 (Math 10)


Question 1.   Write the following quadratic equations in the standard form and point out pure quadratic equations. (i).          (x + 7)(x − 3) = −7 Solution: The given quadratic equation is         (x + 7)(x − 3) = −7          (i) Multiplying the expressions (x + 7) and (x − 3) in equation (i) with each other, we have       ...

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Quadratic Equations

Quadratic Equation

An equation of 2nd degree is called quadratic equation. In more detail, the quadratic equation is an equation, which contains the square of the unknown (variable) quantity, but no higher power. General or standard form of a quadratic equation: It is a 2nd degree equation in one variable x of the form as below, where a ≠ 0 and a, b, ...

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