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Exercise 1.1 (Math 10)


Question 1.   Write the following quadratic equations in the standard form and point out pure quadratic equations. (i).          (x + 7)(x − 3) = −7 Solution: The given quadratic equation is         (x + 7)(x − 3) = −7          (i) Multiplying the expressions (x + 7) and (x − 3) in equation (i) with each other, we have       ...

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Matrices and Determinants


The matrices and determinants are used in the field of Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, Electronics and other branches of science. The matrices have played a very important role in this age of computer science. The idea of matrices was given by Arthur Cayley, an English mathematician of nineteenth century, who first developed, “Theory of Matrices” in 1858. Matrix A rectangular array ...

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